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People are Good

AllisonPeople are good. I just want to share a recent experience.

Over Labor Day weekend, I was traveling with my husband. We were going through the airport; he was parking the car; I was going through the airport in a wheelchair with an attendant. I showed my license and boarding pass when going through security. I thought I had dropped my license in my purse and would put it back in my wallet when I got to the gate. I searched and search. Retraced my steps (so to speak) and NO license. I thought it was gone forever.

Out of the blue, I got an email that someone found my license and wanted to return it. He found my email on LinkedIn. I told him what gate I was at. I was in a wheelchair and it would be easier for him to come to me.  I came to find out, he sent that email before his plane takeoff and had to power down. We emailed back and forth and he was to mail the license to my home/

The following week, I received a lovely note and my license.

What would you do?

The old saying “Do unto others…” is so true.

Next time you find something belonging to someone else, do the right thing.